LMA Industrial & Manufacturing Job Opportunities

This is the career page of Leo Marshell which provides information on the existing job opportunities from Industrial & Manufacturing sectors which covers the below industries

i. Aviation & Aerospace

ii.Chemicals and Materials

iii.Diversified Manufacturing (Automotive / Electronics/ Semiconductor/ Food & Beverages)

iv. Energy / Oil & Gas

v.Infrastructure, Construction & EPC Services

Opportunity for Robotic Welding Technician in SingaporeZR_514_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Opportunity for CNC Machinist and Conventional Turner/Miller in SingaporeZR_515_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Opening for Tig & Mig welder in Singapore!!ZR_527_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Aircraft Technician (Sheetmetal/Structural) in SingaporeZR_547_JOBUnited KingdomManufacturing
Opportunity for Robotic Engineer in Singapore!!ZR_506_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Exciting Opportunity for Draftsman in Singapore !!ZR_517_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Exciting Opportunity for Cold Room Technician in Singapore !!ZR_518_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Aircraft Technician(Heavy Maintenance) opportunity in SingaporeZR_545_JOBUnited KingdomManufacturing
Exciting Opportunity for Aircraft Painting Supervisor in Singapore !!ZR_508_JOBSingaporeAirline - Aviation
Opening for Hydraulic Mechanic in Singapore !!ZR_163_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Opportunity for Punch Operator in Singapore!!ZR_524_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Opening for Process Engineer in IndonesiaZR_538_JOBIndonesiaManufacturing
Exciting Opportunity for Rotating Equipment Fitter in Singapore!!ZR_533_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Opportunity for Boring Machinists in SingaporeZR_536_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Leading Singapore based Injection Moulding Manufacturer in Batam (Indonesia)!!ZR_516_JOBIndonesiaManufacturing
Opportunity for Chromeplating Technician in Singapore !!ZR_509_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Opening for Mould Maintenance in Singapore!!ZR_528_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Opportunity for Lathe Machinists in SingaporeZR_541_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Opportunity for Grinding Machinists in SingaporeZR_542_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Exciting Opportunity for EDM / Spark Wire Cut Operator in Singapore!!ZR_520_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Opening for Press Tool Maker in Singapore!!ZR_530_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Opening for Aircraft Engine Borescope Inspector in Singapore !!ZR_534_JOBSingaporeAirline - Aviation
Wanted PLC Engineer & Electrical Maintenance Engineer in SingaporeZR_475_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Exciting Opportunity for Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic in Singapore!!ZR_522_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Opportunity for Mechanical Fitter in Singapore!!ZR_519_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Opening for Sheet Metal ( Fabricator) Machinist in Singapore!!ZR_526_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
Opportunity for Plastic Process Technician in IndonesiaZR_544_JOBSingaporeManufacturing
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